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Sweet Canola, Mother of Music and Dance, is matron of the Arts.

She loves everything that is beautiful, finding beauty even in the darkest soul – her own included at times. This light-hearted and fun-loving deity is Matriarch to the Faerie race with a special place in her heart for Sara Dragonmist, one of the first Faeries ever created on Mernac. Shape shifters honour Canola, for she is the patroness of the Hundar Order as well. Faeries, you see, were the first shape-shifters on Mernac as they have the power of Trazel – the power to change their size. The Goddess herself can change her shape and would often be seen cavorting in the forest in her faerie form and would suddenly sprout a pair of wings to fly around Mirdoren and Mernac. Canola is also Matron to the faction known as The Bardic Circle and enjoys nothing better than a well told tale. If the bard is exceptionally skilled Canola can be induced into dancing until she falls into an exhaustive sleep. Scribes and sages who know of such things strongly believe this is what led to the capture of Canola in season 681.


It is said by the scribes and sages that know of such things that Canola suffered with the blackest of moods. Her sisters say it was because she was the thirteenth God to come to Mernac, but the One and The Other know the truth of the matter. It has been hinted at that these moods were upon the Goddess even before her arrival on Mernac. It is known that the Goddess was very young and the bulk of her memory was lost; understandable, given that she appeared as a fully grown woman upon her arrival in Mernac and not as the young girl she had been before her arrival. At times, Canola has vague recollections and flashbacks that cause her to exhibit childlike behaviors – hissy fits, lack of inhibition, impulsive behavior and singing to herself to cover the fact that she is ignoring her sisters and brothers. This behavior would often cause a great deal of trouble in Mirdoren and on Mernac itself, possibly explaining why Canola always answers when Sara calls to her for wisdom and guidance, especially when helping her dragon friends.


Canola has watched her friends growth from childhood into adulthood, often the unbiased observer learning by example. She has had to regulate her own behavior over the millenniums and although she understands the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, a lack of parental tutelage means that on occasion she reverts to childish behavior. It is through the process of learning that Canola can provide wisdom and guidance at the same time as she is the one on the receiving end of the tutelage. She is the first of the gods to learn that certain things in life and death are best expressed through art rather than in real life.


It was while learning to handle her godly powers that Canola created the Beegons with the aid of her sister Sola and brother Quont – an accomplishment she is quite proud of. With an affinity for most creatures, Canola has established a bond with the Rob reaps and the Capri goats, and these creatures are staunch defenders not only of Faeries, Dragons and Gnomes but of various races and creatures on Mernac. They also work with Sola to protect the landscapes of Mernac, and it has been said that Sola will hear their calls and view the world through their eyes.


During this time of learning Canola also created a secret haven for her creations, said to be located somewhere in Cathall at the top of some mountains. The least known place that the Goddess created is Red Crystal Firth, found only with the aid of magical maps. It is rumored that Red Crystal Castle is a spectacular sight, and that the castle holds much of the older art works and tomes of Mernac. The scribes and sages say that Siberlee herself was present at the time of its creation, as were Sola and Quont, and that they were all quite proud of Canola’s achievement. Sadly, the castle is reportedly abandoned as it was the place where Canola was captured. The mothers collectively removed Canola from the castle, and not long after that the Goddess put herself into a self-imposed coma. She knew that the strain on her emotional self was getting her down; luckily she realized it early or the events of the second half of the first millennium would have occurred earlier.


Canola enjoyed the company of her brothers more than she cared to admit. When they were cast from the heavens to the Underworld, she began looking for new companions of her own. The first such companion was a gnome she met during Chandralee. He came to Mirdoren at Canola’s invitation, and their friendship grew. As Canola is unable to hear due to giving her ears, and thus the gift of hearing, for the creation of Siberlee’s Child, she developed a form of sign language to communicate with those who are close to her. The gnome is the exception and does not have to use sign language with her as Canola can listen to his softened musical tones. It is believed that she can hear this because she met him prior to the fall of the Fathers.


Canola’s disciples came about throughout the Dark Age, and although it is not necessary for one to have died to be a Disciple of Canola, a deep appreciation of the arts in all its many forms is required. Her Disciples are also free spirits and creative, often mistaken for angels due to the wings that are granted to them with the aid of Hundar. The scribes and sages that know of such things say that Canola’s Disciples were exceptionally gifted in voice and beauty, though there were some exceptions to this rule. In granting her first Disciple immortality, Canola discovered her Trauncha — whenever one of her Disciples was signing, she would suffer from a deep screeching and groaning that resonated throughout her being. The need for creativity was useful for her Disciples, as they had to learn to be creative if they wanted to communicate with their Goddess, the Mother of Music and Dance.



It was during the Faerie Wars that Canola created the Beegons, and it is said that through her interventions and creations the Faeries won the way, for Canola believes at times the females of her race are better off without the males. Many great losses were felt on both sides, with none feeling the loss of the Faeries more than the Mother herself. Scribes and sages that know of these things have scribed ‘The Awakening of a Goddess’, a tale that details one such event that affected the whole of Mernac and Mirdoren. Members of the Bardic Circle are said to recite the poems written by the Goddess herself. Not one single event, but the culmination of three events, let to the blackest of moods: the Faerie Wars, Canola’s capture and subsequent release and the deaths of a major section of the Faerie race. Sola too, felt the pain of the forest and the deaths of the Faeries, and it is scribed that it was Sola who came to Canola and was the first to witness the beginning of the Dark Age. Though it has not been proven by any scribe or sage, or even by the other Mothers, it is believed that Canola contacted her brothers during this time and enlisted their help in venting her feelings of anger and betrayal.


Canola and her Faeries are said to be worshiped by a branch of Witches, mostly weak in power, who practice their rituals by moonlight in the skins they were born in. This religion is commonly known as white witches and their religious order is called Shitsuke, which translates into “sustain”. They assist in sustaining herbal remedies and are often found inside an apothecary, either buying or selling their wares. They are also loosely enthralled with the healing powers of Mother Dulan and the Menks although they only practice what is called kitchen magic. Many of these witches are known to be a part of the Craftsmen/women’s guild and create many of the priceless works of art that can be found not only in Canola’s collection but in many of the galleries throughout Mernac.


Normally an image of radiant beauty and innocence, with glossy black hair, sparkling violet eyes and a curvy petite frame, during the Dark Age Canola’s appearance changed to reflect her ugly mood. Initially it was her eyes and wings that changed, loosing their radiance and becoming darker and duller. Scribes and sages say that her worst moment happened whilst conversing with her brother Quont; she took umbrage to some of his comments and cut her beautiful hair off in a rage.


While wishing to spend her time lost in beautiful song and dance, she is constantly pursued by Quont, the Father of Lust. The scribes and sages that know of these things have said that whenever Canola goes to the murky pools nearest Quont’s former apartments, he calls to her. Every two seasons at the time of her curse, Canola found it extremely hard not to go the murky pools and talk to her brothers. She chose not to tell her sisters that Quont and some of the other brothers would attempt communication in this manner and some say that is why the fathers were able to take a hold of the Goddess during the Dark Age. When the mothers’ suspicions were aroused, they asked Sola to follow. It was then that the light at the end of the Dark Age shone brightly, as Sola embraced her sister so tightly that they both glowed with the radian light of life and the combined goodness of all the faeries and the mothers.


Canola is seeking Disciples, Writers and Artists for the Age of Canola (666 – 999). Which comprises of ‘Dark Fantasy‘ themed art and tales. Dark Fantasy is a blend of fantasy and horror with dark aspects. It will have strong medieval or dark themes and a splattering of dark erotica and romance. The cultures that the scribe/writer/author chooses will be up to them.

Evil creature stories are strongly recommended, with descriptive passages depicting the brutality and horror of day to day life in a Dark Age. We are looking for tales that downplay the down side of human nature. Ie: Good people turning evil, characters that have psychological in-balances and are generally evil in appearance. However, remember that as the Mother of Music and Dance, there must be references made to the artistic side of Dark Fantasy.

If you are indeed interested in becoming a Disciple of the Mother Canola. Just contact her through a PM.

You may also wish to peruse the Disciple Classifieds. I am aware that a Mother is in the Dark Fantasy Age. But the over all plan is to have a shining light at the end of the millennium.

Worried Canola

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Canola’s Stats:

God of: Mother of Music and Dance

Home World: Ca – kekola. Country of fiery clouds. (TBW.)

Religion in her Honor: Shitsuke (TBW. Need to think on this, the name is japanese and translates into sustain.)

Matron Race: Faeries

Matron Faction: The Bardic Circle

Matron Guild: Craftsmen/women (Still TBW. Defined by weavers, cloth-makers, dyers, glass-makers and other artisans.)

Matron Title: Arts

2 Matron Classes: Entertainers, Hundar

3 Matron Places: Haven (Found in Cathall, near C9 Bonkus), Iyil Sen (Found in Ooloo, near Faithmore), Red Crystal Firth (Found in Malroo, TBW. The first place that Canola learned to create.)

3 Matron Creatures: Rop reabs, Capri Goats, Beegons (TBW, some notes have been made.)

Trauncha: Disciples do not need to have died on Mernac, they are essentially free spirits, that are enthralled by all things related to the arts. Often they are mistaken as angels if observed when utilizing their shape shifting skills. Canola cannot use their hearing to listen in on Mernac, she relies on their creativity to communicate with her.

One Desire: Canola’s ultimate goal and desire in Mirdoren and Mernac is find a way to restore that which was given in love to Siberlee, it is also to establish a balance between her conflicting emotions, that affect everyone that is near and dear to her.

1st half of One Book Page: (This is the quest that each god must go on to win their own one true desire at the end of time as laid out by The One.) Canola is one of the first gods to discover that certain things in life and death are best left to be expressed in art than in real life.



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Completed Tomes:

In an Age of Dark Fantasy. The Faeries fear their civilization faces extinction. Their lush enchanted forests have become cities of death. And a Goddess has awakened from the terrors of her past, only to discover that the nightmares were real. So it is in the Land of Mernac.

Alas, her Sisters, no help are they. The other six Mothers are powerless to stop her descent into darkness. Thirteenth of the twenty to come to this land so long ago, her brothers of the Dark soon marked her as easy prey. Softly, irresistibly they call her, “Come into the darkness, be one with us.

Awakening a Goddess. Due for release on the 11/02/08.

  • Bathing and Games. Due for release on the 19/02/08.
  • Old Friends and Sisters. Due for release on the 25/02/08.
  • Craziness. Due for release on the 03/03/08.
  • Crimes, Heart break and Blackness. Due for release on the 10/3/08.


W.I.Ps: All raw works are open to constructive review. Please list two positives and two negatives, when writing a review and post to findbotr@gmail.com.

  • Awakening a Goddess . Completed first Chapter, subsequent chapters will be listed under the Completed Tomes heading above.
  • Hunting for Canola. Raw W.I.P. Once tale has been edited it will move to the above catergory, with subsequent chapters listed as they are published.


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23 01 2008

Sister, dear, I believe Faithmore is in Ooloo. Unless our Creator created two places with the same name (which wouldn’t surprise me in the least!).

Great job on the stats, btw!

23 01 2008

Thanks for the catch its fixed now. Also Ty for the comment. I’ve done more to the stats but am waiting until the character sketch is finished before I pop them up.

26 01 2008

Wonderful sister, it is coming along well

26 01 2008

Siberlee, Thank-you for coming to home away from home. There is still a lot of construction happening, but it will all come together with time and patience. Do drop in at anytime and please instruct the gnome as to your preferences of beverage.
This would also apply to all the Mothers, the Fathers well I’ll have the gnome make up some doggy bags and send them via Beegon to the underworld. chuckles…


28 01 2008

Canola darling, I hope I’ll be allowed in for a visit and the beverage of my choice on one of my visits to Mirdoren. 😉

28 01 2008

Of course Brother, there is a page just for you. Still in construction, but it will provide you with hopefully some entertainment. Beverages of your choice are at hand just trip oh mean tip the gnome and I’m sure he’ll serve you up a tasty delight. Just mind his cussing, he tends to be a little over protective. Though you could always tell him Anemos outside and that’ll have him scuttling from the room. Chuckles…see you in the near future, for a exciting interlude between best friends.

10 09 2009

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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